“Nurture your artistic self.”

My daughter has been following Julie as an art student for over five years. Julie is such a wonderfully supportive and experienced educator. We are deeply grateful for the unparalleled individualized art education/aesthetic education ONLY Julie can give. Julie has unique power to change a young artist’s life immensely.

Working with her, my daughter has developed greatly in using various mediums, from printmaking to charcoal drawing, from watercolor to acrylic, from sculpture to mixed media. With her thoughtful design and masterful guidance, my daughter and her group-mates have experimented on all kinds of art materials to their heart’s content. Julie has opened the doors to many art worlds for her students. It is she who makes students seek the meaning of art making and being a creative human being.

Julie’s student-centered teaching always creates space for meaningful conversations and reflective critiques so that students can achieve deeper level of learning and understanding through active thinking and seeing. Her openness and flexibility empower her students to let out whatever is on their mind. I always see her give her students just the right touch of direction, insight and necessary training. My daughter has been enjoying so much freedom and encouragement under Julie and accomplished many award-winning pieces.

Julie’s studio is a comfortable and relaxing learning environment, with the background music to add a humanistic touch. She is a role model, a highly productive and creative artist who can amaze her students every week with her new masterpieces. To witness the birth of her work is very inspiring. She will be a great mentor to help you unleash your creativity and nurture your artistic self.


– Ying, Amherst

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